Wanted Dead

from by Still Awake



this loss of words has to fuckin end
my hate and anger i cant stand
cause i cant take anymore what's everyday in the news
they are the ones who light on my fuse

visual messages on tv screen
brought to you by icons of inequality
stereotyped the image of their body
as objects and toys for pleasure of the boys
instilling in this fucked up society
sexist views and male supremacy
and even (some of) the victims dont see what's evident
women's mind seems to be irrelevant

mistreatment and domestic violence
fear to have a say, it's all kept in silence
beaten and trapped in a cage called home
oppressed repressed controlled and abused
there's a no hope wall built up in the head
called submission where they've been led
self blamed and ashamed to feel wrong
but those are feelings they don't belong

the sound of steps and shades in the dark
wet crying eyes and screams through the park
break the silence of a city in the fog
but the wounds and sorrow will be left in the smog
as the article stays on newspapers' page
the rapist in six months will be back to rape
so the victim got no excuse no justice no peace
and will live in fear again and again

we want to see you bleed WANTED DEAD
we want to see you suffer WANTED DEAD
we want to see you die
We want you dead


from Still Awake, released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Still Awake Leipzig, Germany

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