No Exit

from by Still Awake



i'm so tired to run on this dark way
everywhere i turn i see no good escape
it's all black and i cant see the light
that could help me out to make my fuckin life right
it's so hard to see through the fog
i'm walking on blinded against the walls
every solution seems a fuckin complication
and start to rain on me these tears of frustration

i cant stand anymore this endless way
with no exit at all, i'm sick of this fuckin pressure
i'm sick of looking for an exit
every way i take it just hurts, and doesnt lead anywhere,
i'm sick of these fuckin walls
bricking up every fuckin door

many ways to take but no way to choose
i cant see what i would gain or loose
so i hit the road just following the istinct
ignoring what i will be missing
i'd rather going nowhere than being stuck at the point
where i wonder how the fuck do i go on without a choice
avoiding the only lighted way
full of dirt, where everything is false

but that's too easy, not for me
it's a one way street to conformity
where you see everything but not behind it

and the doors open ways to mediocracy


from Still Awake, released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Still Awake Leipzig, Germany

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